October 27, 2016


I was seated near the dressing room my wife was using.
In front of me was a large, full-length mirror.
An old man, strangely familiar, stared back at me.
But where was I? My image should be in that mirror;
A much younger man of thirty-five or forty
With flat stomach and much more hair!
A younger man with unfulfilled hopes and dreams,
Able to run and dance and challenge the mountains.

Who IS that old man who keeps watching me,
with grey hair and sad, tired eyes?
I could no longer tolerate his incessant stare,
So I moved. He did as well.


October 26, 2016

Old Poems

Old poems is really what started all these blogs. I used to scratch out poems quite often. Most of them were read only once....by me. A few others survived, so this week I will bring out some of them. Doubt you will remember any.

The first one is simply entitled "Chief". It reflects my heritage as an "Okie". I also may have Native American blood. Here is "Chief"

His chair propped easily against the clap-board wall.
Dark eyes alertly followed a stranger near the road.
The stranger spoke: "I'm new here", as if he didn't know.
" Was told you could share some Indian lore."
The cane-back slowly anchored on four legs.
A chiseled face looked out with contact, eye to eye.
He searched the silken shirt and soft-skinned boots.
"You bring wampum or fire-water for the chief?"

The words were b-grade movie script, with deeper meaning.
He waited for the answer to this strange request.
" Uh, I would be glad to pay you for your time", he spoke.
" Never mind," the Chief replied, " It's just an indian joke."
" Look to the north! Those purple hills once stirred
With pulsing life; buffalo, and bear, and bird.
My tribal roots are buried in this sand
where maize once grew from fertile land.

My people fished that now-dead stream a thousand years."
At that, his eyes were glistening with tears.
" I watched it die as roads chopped through the bed
Where cat and perch and bream once bred.

You want to hear of days long past?
Forgotten here. Time races by so fast.
Look not to me to tell who we once were.
Go to the dying land and speak to her."

His chair moved back to balance on two legs.
The stranger softly spoke and moved away.
A car sped by. A truck with giant logs.
Sun and dust turned purple hills to brown.

October 24, 2016


Reunion3.jpgIt was Saturday morning when I answered the phone. Saturday morning calls are often the kind I hang up on quickly. The caller said "This is Olivia Deaton". I remembered the "scammer" also used familiar names so I kept listening, but with caution. Husband Charles was mentioned. Center, Texas, and First Baptist there came into the conversation. Then Olivia told the event that capped it all. She, Charles, and adult daughter, Melissa, were in Port Aransas. They had talked about coming by to see us. After all, it had been almost fifty years since those Center days when I was on the staff at First Baptist there. We had had no contact since then. Olivia told how they were having a meal on North Padre. The wait time was long. There was only a single magazine to look at. It was "The Bend". Olivia opened to page thirty-six and there were Dale and Ann Pogue laughing with each other as they posed for an informal picture. That did it! Olivia said, "We are going to see the Pogues' on the way home to Lufkin"....and they did!

It was a joyfil visit.This wonderful couple had been in a Sunday evening group we called "Dine and Discuss". It was for young couples. We were in our early thirties, but older than most in the group. What a rewarding time it was to come to know and share with all who came! Probably ten or more couples each week.

Almost fifty years have passed, but after recovering from the shock of the aging process, it was like we were back in Center, Texas, in the sixties. Amazing! After an hour or more of remembering and laughing together we joined hands and prayed. They were then off to Lufkin. Our next visit? Perhaps in Glory. We all have reservations there. No firm dates set.

October 21, 2016

Oh What A beautiful Day....


Sounds like the words from a musical? You are right. It was "Oklahoma"! The beautiful day I am writing about is one that just took place in Rockport, Texas. This morning a stiff north wind was blowing and the temperature was in the sixties. We had a brief shower yesterday. These events made for a beautiful day! The humidity dropped, so even when the day warmed it was still great outside and in.

How do peoples in desert settings of Africa and the Middle East survive? Is this the reason they are so quick to do war and violence? I know it affects people in our country. Torrid summers in crowded cities can strain relations and temperments.

Each weather change at this point of the year takes us a step further away from hurricane dangers. Typically, September is the worst month. With the weather changes it may run a lot longer now. Anyway, that is out of my control and in much better Hands!

I thank the Lord for a brief respite. We know the warmer weather will be back soon, but shorter days help the situation.

I thought I was through with supply work, but received a call last week from Salt Lake Baptist Church (Not in Utah) to supply for them during the month of October. Last Sunday was my first there. It is less than fifteen minutes from our house. I found a group of friendly and receptive people. I think it will be an enjoyable experience.

That's about it....." Oh, what a beautiful morning!" I hope.

October 17, 2016


Ann received the call on her cellphone. By the number she thought it was our daughter, Laura. She was quickly corrected by the excited voice of our nine- year old grandson, Calvin Duprie. The First Baptist Church Goliad is having a half week revival. The preacher is one of our Texas Baptist statemen, Dr. D.L. Lowrie. He pastored First Baptist Church, Lubbock, for many years. He served in many positions in Texas Baptist work. Above all that he is a faithful gospel preacher. At the time of invitation Calvin whispered to his mother that he wanted to go down and accept Jesus. Laura hardly knew what to say. She did tell him it was fine if that was what he felt. Calvin stepped out by himself to go to the front and announce to the preacher he was taking Jesus as his Saviour.


He was one excited boy as he told his Mimi about it. His mother said he was so excited he was shaking! When I talked to him the excitement of this experience was evident. He was talking so fast I couldn't understand all he was saying. I knew this, the boy had "done it" ! Remembered that I was also nine when I found the Lord in a revival, in a country church in Arkansas. My excitment was such that walking home after the service that night (about half a mile) I would have been happy to gone right on to heaven then!

Calvin did not have an easy introduction to this world. At one pound, nine ounces, he had to fight to stay here. For ninety-three days he was in a hospital in San Antonio. Most of those days were in intensive care. Laura and James were there every day.

It is amazing how politics, hot weather, bills to pay, and all the rest become things of insignificance. Calvin made his profession of faith! What can be more important than that? After we had talked (mostly Calvin) for several minutes I asked if I might pray with him over the phone. When I finished I said "a-men" and I heard his voice softly say the same." A-men"

That's what it's all about.

October 13, 2016


Do you remember when those words were a regular occurance? I didn't believe it 100% so would nervously wait to see if it was actually true....only a test.

Those who were in the service, as I was, during a period called the Cold War, we were well acquainted with a time that was called an "alert". When the "alert" call went out (usually very very early in the morning). One's unit would quickly begin doing all the things assigned for an alert. My company would head in our Armored Personnel Carriers, jeeps and trucks to assigned places along the Rhine River near Mainz. We did not dig foxholes. We just found our spots and waited, a bit nervous, like "this is only a test" can do for a person. In a couple of hours the "all clear" orders would be given and we would head back to the motor pool to clean our vehicles from mud picked up "down by the riverside."

Who were we alerted for? What were we to do if this was more than an alert? Then, we would "dig in", pass out real ammunition and wait for the RUSSIAN invasion! That was some sixty years ago! Who are those NATO forces waiting for now? The same armies we feared in the fifties. They were our so-called allies during World War II. However they had a bigger agenda than keeping the peace.

Communists are never satisfied with the status quo. They want the whole world. Putin is a dangerous leader. He is not one to "buddy up" to. He is of the same mold as earlier Communists leaders, Lenin, Stalin, Kruschov. Each had blood on his hands.

Pray that when the words, "this is only a test" is spoken, it will be the truth. While we give all the attention to ISIS we must remember a more dangerous enemy.

October 10, 2016


Wouldn't it be refreshing if we saw those who are sparring with each other over who will be the next president, stop and say to each other - "Hey, there are some folks out there with really heavy problems. Let's cancel the next debate and all our remaining ads and seek approval to take that money and send it to help the thousands who are homeless in Haiti and across our own country." Both of them do it!

money pol.jpg

It would be millions of dollars used to help people. It would not change the political at this point, other than cause us to have a better feeling about the whole mess.Will it happen? Of course not! I think it is a good idea. That's why it won't happen. Politics doesn't have to be, but has become a ruthless, ugly game. It is as rough as a pro football game, but worse. At least those guys shake hands at the end and move on.

Anyway, my heart goes out to those hurting and homeless people stretched across hundreds of miles in the wake of a hurricane, turned tropical storm,turned rain maker. Many hundreds have lost family, homes, their crops, their jobs, and their belongings. We cannot begin to know what that is like.


October 7, 2016


My sister, Dorcie Caldwell, had her nintieth birthday this week. She celebrated it here in Rockport, hoping to get away from any party that might have developed in Fort Smith. She missed on that call for Ann called friends and put together a fun party here at the house last evening. Mona Garrett made wonderful spaghetti and sauce. Marion Beeler brought delicious salad. Ann had a cake, and Jimmy and Bob Box had french bread. I know I am leaving something out and someone.

Dorcie did not want to make a parachute jump. She could have, for there is a place in Beeville where such a jump is possible. She had no desire to swim the Corpus Christi ship channel. She did not want to hike to Tivoli, though it is only 30 miles away. None of those things had an appeal. Glad she chose simply to celebrate a quiet ninety with a few friends. It was enjoyable for all present. She shared some earlier experiences that were interesting and humorous.


A chapter in Psalm is attributed to Moses. It is, in fact, called a prayer of Moses. In that psalm ninety he wrote:

" Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations.Before the mountains were born, or you brought forth the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God."....(so God is timeless)

" The length of our days is seventy years or eighty if we have the strength, yet their span is but trouble and sorrow." (He was given one hundred twenty years and a personal, private burial by God.( Our days become timeless when we lock them on to God through Jesus Christ)

" Teach us to number our days aright that we main gain a heart of wisdom." (90-12)

The time God gives us here on earth is only important when it is used for His honor, and to help others. Dorcie has been a champion in this. May God give her many more.


October 4, 2016


How many people are asking that? Are some of them claiming to be religious? Are some claiming to be Christian? Are more than we might think, claiming to believe nothing? I do not know the answer to such a question.

I do know from personal experience and the thoughts and words of others, that it can happen. The entertainment gurus are seizing on all this and featuring their end time events and places entirely outside the realm of God's teachings. What that means is that many will simply come to believe it is ALL made- up, hollywood-type stories with blasts of fire and aliens and warfare like never before. Not so! Satan inspired? If it serves his purpose, and I think it does, then it surely is so.

Let me share a scripture from Paul's writing to the church at Corinth, a church whose people were divided in who to follow and what to follow. Paul reminded these struggling people, " For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.". Yes, we are often featured as foolish. We are made fun of and pictured as semi-illiterate and intolerant of those who do not follow our ways. I have taken this for more than half a century as I have watched or heard the bad portrayals of "Christian" people. Accept it, Believer! It started in Corinth and has never stopped.

Paul then writes in the last chapter the "what if's"......I close with those.

"If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men.....BUT, Christ HAS INDEED been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who have falllen asleep. For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man. For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive."


So, look up! "This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it"

October 1, 2016


Ann and I extend our deepest sympathies to Pastor Scott Jones, his mother and family, in the death of his father Jerry.

" Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in Me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am there ye may be also." John 14:1-3.