December 7, 2016



"It is older men who lead us into wars. It is younger ones who fight them"


December 5, 2016



Some words are a big challenge to poets who write rhyme. I have always enjoyed the challenge, but beaten pretty good at times. I doubt if very many poems have been scribed with Habakkuk as the key word. Here goes.


The name seems harsh when spoken, not pleasant to the ear,
But in those three brief chapters are words we need to hear.
A central theme is FAITH and TRUST. He rules out chance and luck.
This Book bears well the writer's name...prophet, HA-BAK-KUK.

Habakkuk was a singer; a chorister of note.
Doubtings over-whelmed him; of those times he wrote
He often asks a question. (much like you and I),
gazing to the sky a-bove he would whisper, "Why?"

His doubting was sincere, for sure, like Thomas later spoke,
but faith would lift him up to see and break the doubter's yoke.
read that last verse, chapter two.(Don't read all of them)
" Let all the earth be si-lent be-fore Him."

Though the fig tree does not bud,
no grapes are on the vine,
though the olive crops have failed;
food in the fields decline

No ewes or rams are in the pens,
nor cattle in the stalls,
I am rejoicing in the Lord,
no matter what be-falls.

Soverign Lord, He is my strength!
My feet are like a deer.
I now climb up-ward to the heights;
there's nothing I should fear.

Habakkuk 3:17-19 (Paraphrased for rhyme)

December 2, 2016



Cain and Abel made history
in a way that is a bit sad to see
for Cain slew his kin, then had to flee.
" When I am found they will kill me!"

It was so much more than a friendly row,
and religious fusses are still with us now!
" God likes His gift, but doesn't like mine!
He favored a lamb over fruit of the vine."

The Lord gave warning but Cain did not hear;
" Do what is right, and there's noth-ing to fear."
Cain's anger festered. His heart filled with hate,
as SIN was crouching at his garden gate.

Cain hatched a plot; They went down to a field,
where Cain attacked Abel and his brother he killed.
Cain buried the brother deep in the ground
thinkng that Abel could never be found.

A voice softly spoke, "Where is your brother?"
"How should I know? We don't speak to each other!"
The Lord spoke louder, " WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?
You are under a curse and now on the run!

Your brother lies dead, deep in the earth,
so your crops and land have lost all their worth.
Your parents are crushed like the grapes that you grew,
now, a mark for your sin will identify you."

So, Cain traveled out to the land of Nod,
away from home and a-way from God.
His sinful nature came from his kin
as Adam and Eve were the first to sin.

That "fallen nature" is with us to-day,
yet HOPE is here as we call to pray,
" Father, forgive. We trust in your love
seen in your Son who came from a-bove

to die on a cross as our payment for sin,
giving us SOMEONE we can ever trust in."
This ancient story is a sad one, but true.
Yet, in Christ there is hope for me and for you!

Dale Pogue
Taken from Genesis 4


November 30, 2016



I wrote this poem nine years ago

during the Thanksgiving week.

That time is about gone but I decided

to give you this true story again.


We know Lone Ranger's horse, Silver; his helpful sidekick, Tonto,
But few have heard the name Tisquantum as he was known as Squanto.
Squanto's life was hard and cruel, captured and abused;
Taken to the English shores where nobles were amused.

Squanto proved them ever wrong; some were amazed at him.
This "savage" from New England could well converse with them!
His value soon was high-er. He sailed again the sea
Arriving back at Wampanoag...escaping, he was free.

Squanto met some Pilgrims in March of twenty-one.
Without his help this woeful band would surely have been done.
He taught them how to snare an eel and catch much-needed fish.
With summer sun and Squanto's skill corn soon became a dish.

He spent his life in Ply-mouth as interpreter and guide
for sadly, while he was away his entire tribe had died.
With his aid the Pilgrims worked with-out a fear
of being killed, each time they heard an Indian tribe was near.

Alas, an illness struck him down when he was thirty-seven.
He asked the Govenor to pray for him that he might go to Heaven.
So, on this day of feasting when we start eating pronto! (That means quickly)
We should give thanks the Pilgrims had a friend named Squanto.

Dale Pogue
November 20, 2007

November 29, 2016


" Rap Rap. Anyone out there? Hello! Can you hear me? I know it's been a week. We've been gone....Thanksgiving, you know. Surely you didn't leave me for FACEBOOK! Or TWITTER, or some other fad. Well, maybe you did. I will try again tomorrow to see if someone can be roused. I do have a few things to tell you......."

November 21, 2016


Ann and I leave Tuesday morning for Tyler to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends there. We hope to see our dear friends, Bob and Jimmy Box ,on the way home..
This is my Hallelujah blog. It is from Psalm 148. I will print excerpts. It is from "The Message", the Bible in contemporary language. Perhaps it will catch someone's eye. Here it is.


" Praise God from heaven, praise him from the mountaintops;
Praise him all you his angels,
praise him, all you his warriors,
Praise him sun and moon,
praise him, you morning stars;
Praise him high heavens,
praise him heavenly rain clouds;
Praise, O let them praise the name of God -
he spoke the word, and there they were!
he set them in place
from all time to eternity;
He gave his orders, and that's it !

Praise God from earth,
you sea dragons, you fathomless ocean depths;
Fire and hail, snow and ice,
hurricanes obeying his orders.

Let them praise the name of God.
It is the only name worth praising.
His radiance exceeds anything in earth and sky;
He's built a monument - his very own people.
Hallelujah !

Joyful Thanksgiving!!

November 19, 2016




The Lord told Elijah to say to the king
that rain nor dew fall on any-thing
for years ahead, except at His word.
Not a clap of thun-der will even be heard.

Then the Lord told Elijah, "Hide in a ravine
as your voice will be silent; nor will you be seen."
Ravens daily brought bread and some meat
so the Prophet had water and food to eat.

With the drought increasing the brook ran dry
and Elijah decided he soon would sure die,
but God spoke, saying,, " now,take a path
which leads to the village of Zarephath.

a widow there will supply your need,
tho' she has no plan as to how she will feed
you and her son. They have no flour.
She is sure they have come to their final hour."

" Bring sticks you can find to build a fire.
We're not making of them a funeral pyre!
Cook a cake of bread for me to eat
For you and your son make a tasty treat.

this is the Word of the Lord today.
Listen to what our God has to say.
" The jar of flour will not be used up.
dip deeply into it and fill your cup.

Your jug of oil will never run dry
until rains once again fall from the sky.
You will host my Prophet for food and rest
i will hon-or your kind-ness and you will be blest."

That widow, we know, as one with no name.
Her kind act neither garnered fortune or fame.
She gave to the Lord all that she hath.
We know her today by her town - Zarephath.

Dale Pogue 2008

November 17, 2016


chinese boy.jpg

It stands in regal glory, there by store decree
in the middle of an aisle - a Chinese Christmas tree.
Lights from China, baubles too! Wise Men - from the East,
They're selling all our Christmas gifts! Biggest to the least.

As AC hums inside the store, ( Outside it's ninety-three )
Seems just a bit too early to see a Christmas tree!
back over in another aisle bargains can be seen,
left over from two weeks ago when it was Halloween.

Thanksgiving gets but little space, perhaps a row or two
with paper turkeys, orange leaves; some Pilgrim hats will do.
Giblet gravy! Mashed potatoes! Turkey smelling good!
No more it seems, we now can order dinner from fast food.

I saw it there in regal glory, placed by store decree
in the middle of an aisle, a Chinese Christmas tree.
Those workers...have they ever heard the songs we sang back then?
" Silent Night", "O Little Town" , " peace, goodwill toward men?"

November 16, 2016



I saw my Dad today. He died in ninety-four.
I saw him as I laced my shoes, sitting on the floor.
I heard my Dad today, the humor in his voice
echoed in my own. I really had no choice.

I felt my Dad today, though not a word he spoke,
as I teased a clerk a bit with some silly joke.
I saw him in the mirror, gazing back at me.
One Day we'll join each other for e-ternity.

It doesn't seem so long, but Dad's been gone awhile.
I still can see the twinkle in his eyes and in his smile.
I hear his gentle, country voice and wish he still was here,
but heaven's gates swung open wide: "Everett, you are here!"

Everett Edmond Pogue 1904-1994

November 15, 2016


Fredericksburg-Main-Street-Credit-www.VisitFredericksburgTX.com_54_990x660.JPG Following the wedding of Dempsey and Hailey Duprie, (Which was beautiful on a near-perfect evening outdoors in Central Texas) Ann and I headed for the most unique small town in Texas, or anywhere! Fredericksburg is different, not so much by what they have built there, but by what they haven't built! Most of the down-town buildings are original, but finely retouched through the years. My two favorite places are in sharp contrast of each other. For stores I love Dooley's, a five and ten like you might remember Kress's. One can purchase most anything in Dooley's, from buckets and brooms to gadgets and toys from everywhere. The floors cry out for cedar oil, which they sell. This store has had continuous operation for more than 100 years. You must stop at Dooley's.

The other "must see" place is the National Museum of The Pacific War. It is a great piece of work by the Admiral Nimitz Foundation. Ann toured it with me (only part of it). We wanted to see a display and read about Iwo jima where her older brother, Charlie Maurer, landed on the second day of battle and stayed until we had won the island. Charlie was a Marine.He had nightmares of that bloody event after returning to Pharr, Texas. Ann also had a next-door neighbor, Everett Clark, to be killed at the fall of Corregidor. We read about that island. Ann remembered the day, as a child, the military people came to the Clark's to deliver the sad news. He and Charlie Maurer were good friends growing up. A gold star hung in the Clark's window. The museum is only about the Pacific theatre. Chester Nimitz was the admiral commanding the Pacific Fleet. It was the mightiest naval force ever assembled. Nimitz was born in a back room on Main Street in Fredericksburg. His folks operated a hotel there.


So we are back home to rest a bit. It was a good trip and an enjoyable one. The heavy reminder is on my heart today for all who have served through many years in our wars. We cannot know what that was like unless we did it. I didn't. My war was a Cold one in Germany. It was nothing like the shooting war of veterans. God bless them, each one!